Hi- we’re Hattie and Seb, two cat fanatics who want to be in every place at once. We believe travel is accessible for everyone, and we’re showing animal lovers everywhere how to get a furry fix whilst doing it!

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Whether you want to travel full time or simply more often, Cats and Backpacks tells you how it’s paw-ssible to make adventure a priority in your life. We are living our dream lifestyle: proof that anyone can travel far, travel cheaply and travel often if they purr-t their mind to it.

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We like to describe our travel style as being like a cat- we love warmth, food and comfort. We’re also partial to a nap or two! But as fellow wanderers may also experience, we often can’t get comfortable and head off in search of the next great place to sleep. We get a bit excitable when we’re given a new toy in a new place, and we’re prone to upping and leaving in the middle of the night, in search of our next adventure.

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How to Travel Singapore on a Budget

We should probably get something straight before we get started: it’s really hard to travel in Singapore on a budget! I’ve been to this amazing place no less than 3 times now, and despite extra care and planning we’ve gone over budget every single time. Don’t get me...

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Third Time’s a Charm at Bunc Hostel in Singapore

Our first stop after leaving China was Singapore, one of our favourite countries in the world (read here and here) and one we love coming back to. This time, we were lucky enough to stay in two lovely hostels: Bunc Hostel and 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay. First up...

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Turtle Cat of the Week

To celebrate our love of all things cat, we like to feature kitties from around the world. We would love to feature your furry fur-end, if you’d like to submit an entry just head on over to our Contact Us page to grab our email address or click the button below.

Our current Cat of the Moment is Turtle! We had a wonderful time taking care of Turtle for six weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, while her fur-ever home was searched for. Turtle’s favourite things to do include watching humans from afar, eating beef and biting unsuspecting toes.

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