Written 27/07/16

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Busy in the Old Town Square, photo of Church of our Lady before Tyn

We made the decision to only stop in Prague for two nights- and if I’m honest I’m glad we did.

Forget the myth that prices are low here- no, actually that’s unfair of me. Instead, I should warn you to BE PREPARED, because if you don’t you may find yourself having to fork out £3 for a small bottle of water next to Prague Castle.

We also haven’t had the best experience in our hostel. Although it’s very central, the atmosphere is sombre,the facilities are lacking and the breakfast is just bread and coffee. We’re affectionately and inappropriately nicknamed it ‘murder hostel’. Prague is also extremely busy during the summer, and in some places (such as the Old Town Square) you can barely move through the crowds.

Despite my negativity, I don’t dislike Prague. It’s a beautiful City and we’ve really enjoyed our self-guided walking tour. If you’d like, I can write a post about the route we took around the City in the future- please comment below if that’s something you’re interested in.

After a lot of internet searching we found some great reasonably priced food- try Creperie U Kajetana for traditional trdelnik (like chimney cake) and La Piccola Perla for delicious Italian food.

Trdelnik to Creperie U Kajetana
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Trdelnik at Creperie U Kajetana

Very exciting for me was visiting a cat cafe! As my blog name suggests, I love cats an awful lot and it’s been on my bucket list for a long time to visit a cat cafe- this one was a lucky find. Cat Cafe Prague is located at Gorazdova 20, near Dancing House.

What I’ve found is that I keep comparing Prague to Budapest, and Budapest keeps winning. I find the monuments prettier, the City is cheaper and there’s more to do. With that in mind, we’re headed to Budapest tomorrow for 4 nights and I’m looking forward to introducing Seb to one of my favourite Cities.

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