We’ve gathered lots of stories over the years whilst on our travels- some good, and some not so good. I thought it was about time to share some of our Singapore horror stories with you as a bit of relief from the many China-related posts I’m writing at the moment!

Singapore is one of both mine and Seb’s favourite places. In the early days of this blog I wrote several posts about it- if you’re interested you can find them here and here. There’s something about the Garden City that gets me excited- perhaps it’s the food, the many things to do or the beautiful scenery. I think if I could I’d make it a part time base for us to explore the rest of the region from- but unfortunately the prices aren’t so budget friendly. Instead, I’ll settle for a short trip whenever we’re close by- we’re hoping to make our next stop after we finish in China next year.

Although we have made some beautiful memories in Singapore- from peering down over the City at the top of Mount Faber to enjoying the Chinese New Year celebrations- we’ve also had some less desirable experiences. Today I’ll be sharing with you our Singapore horror stories.

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This is quite a scary memory, and it’s one that occurred on my very first day in Asia on my trip with my friend in December 2014. We were walking back to our hostel (Bunc@Radius Little India, if you’re interested) after an amazing evening watching the light show at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and eating top-tier street food at Glutton’s Bay hawker centre. As we neared our destination we noticed a man behind us- this didn’t strike us as odd until we realised he was getting closer and following our exact steps. At the time of our visit there were a lot of building works going on around the Upper Weld Road area and to get to our hostel we had to take a specific set of turns through the tarpaulin jungle. For a while we joked about how we must be being stalked- reassured that this couldn’t be the case as Singapore had seemed so friendly during the day. As we drew nearer the hostel we began to get nervous- the man still hadn’t turned off and he was hurrying to catch up with us. I remember the moment very clearly that my friend stopped and looked at him, then turned to me and whispered


before legging it down the alley. I had no choice but to follow her.

We could hear him pounding the pavement behind us, and I had a fleeting thought that we might not make it back to the safety of our room. When we saw the warm lights of the hostel up ahead I relaxed and we dipped inside, hoping that he hadn’t seen where we’d gone.

We stayed in the reception area for a moment to catch our breath, and then made our way down the corridor to our room. We laughed at ourselves, feeling silly for overreacting- he couldn’t really have been following us!

As we fumbled for our key another figure came down the corridor. I glanced up, and then I felt my blood run cold as it registered in my brain- the man that had followed us back to the hotel was here, right in front of us. He had literally followed us into the depths of our hostel, so brazen was he that he’d walked right past reception. He began whispering to us in a language other than English- I couldn’t tell you now what language it was. Then he opened his hand in front of us and there was some sort of device in it- it was about the size of a mobile phone but with no screen or buttons. It was all very creepy and very confusing; thankfully at that moment the kind receptionist came hurtling down the corridor. She put herself between us and the man and asked us if we were okay- we rushed to tell her we didn’t know who he was, that he’d followed us here. Somehow (we’re not sure how as she was a very small woman and he was a very tall man) she herded him back towards reception. We heard shouting… and then nothing.

We anxiously waited until the receptionist poked her head around the corridor again, telling us he’d gone. She was so sweet, offering us apologies and asking if we were okay. Luckily we were, if a little shaken, and we didn’t see the man again. I still don’t know what he wanted from us- do you have any ideas? Let us know what you think of this Singapore horror story in the comments section below, I’d love to hear your theories about this man.

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No-one likes getting ill whilst travelling, and this was definitely my worst experience of it. In February, Seb and I spent some time in South-East Asia, and went to Singapore as part of this trip. It was our first day there, and we’d spent the morning climbing Mount Faber and taking the cable car across to Sentosa Island. It was then, as we made the journey from Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Point that I swallowed and felt my throat burn. There’s always that moment when you realise you’re going to get sick, and that was mine.

I deteriorated quickly, and within 24 hours I could barely move. It’s like everything on my body went wrong at once- sneezing, sore throat, swollen glands, a fever, exhaustion. I probably should have stayed in bed to ride it out, but a combination of my determination to see the City (we only had 3 nights there) and the worst snorer ever (see below) made me get up and try to make the best of things. We went to the Gardens by the Bay, which were breathtaking, but our plans to go to the Night Safari were scuppered. By our final night, I nearly passed out on the walk home and Seb made the decision for me that we’d take it easy from now on.

We had a quiet few days in Bangkok to end our trip, and I enjoyed doing as little as possible- we ordered room service for the first time and lounged by the pool as well as ate the best meal we’ve ever had at The Smokin’ Pug.

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Unfortunately for me, I was sick for around two weeks after we returned from Asia- and I managed to get conjunctivitis on the plane home as well. All in all it was a harsh reminder that travel can’t protect us from everything and rest is really important. It also made me realise that I prefer a slower pace of travel- it’s amazing getting to know Zhejiang Province so well, and after China we’ll definitely be taking our time exploring the rest of the world!


Thankfully for me I wasn’t so sick that I needed medical attention- but it could have easily got to that point. Thankfully I was covered by my travel insurance in case of an emergency. Don’t forget to buy your travel insurance before you head off on your next trip! Holiday Extras offer great single and annual policies at a very low price- we think they’re a great choice and they offer a money back guarantee if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere.



One of the perils of staying in a dorm bed if you’re sensitive to noise is the risk of a snorer being in your room. Even the smallest sniffle bothers me, even though I know I’ve chosen to stay in a shared room. We’ve been pretty lucky over the years, but unfortunately our room at Bunc@Radius in February contained the worst snorer I’ve ever heard. We really lucked out too, because he was directly above our bed.

Have you ever been silly with a child or your other half or someone, and acted out comedy snores? These really over-exaggerated ones where you can feel your uvula wobbling in the back of your throat? That was what this guy was like, only he was legitimately doing it. He came to bed at about midnight and slept until late the next day, keeping everyone in the dorm (all 24 of us) awake. It sounds awful but I even resorted to kicking the underside of his bed in the hope it would jolt him awake and he’d move, but it didn’t work. We tried everything – muting it with pillows, listening to music, and just lying there in the hope we’d drift off to sleep anyway. I very nearly got up onto his bunk to wake him up, but I’m too British and polite to do something like that.

I was so ill as well that the whole situation was a recipe for disaster, and at 4am on the second night of this happening I stormed out into reception, looking a little crazed I would think with my wild hair, wide eyes and raspy voice. I barked at the receptionist (I am sorry, you were a very nice and helpful man) that I couldn’t take it anymore and demanded a new bed. So he diligently found us an alternate bed in a smaller dorm room and put on the covers for us, waived the price difference and helped us move our things. Probably my lowest point in all of these Singapore horror stories!

Then I slept for about 12 hours straight.

I think I should thank Bunc for being so hospitable and lovely on both our stays there- I’d really recommend it for their stalker-battling, snorer-solving staff! It also has comfy beds, a great atmosphere, powerful showers and yummy breakfast too if that kind of thing interests you…

Bunc@Radius Little India, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

So there you have it: our Singapore horror stories! If you liked this story time post please let us know in the comments section below and I’ll dig up some other funny anecdotes from around the world to share with you. Do you have any Singapore horror stories? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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