Funnily enough, the thing we hate most about travelling is, well, travelling! The long waits at airports or bus stations, combined with bumpy overnight journeys where sleep alludes us, are not our favourite thing. We’re sure we’re not alone in this- does anyone else struggle to pass the time while travelling?!

Lately we’ve been travelling a lot: first, our trip to Thailand, and now leaving China for a life on the road. This is all very exciting for us, but it does mean we’ve been getting far too familiar with the inside of a terminal. Luckily, we’ve had our technology to pass the time, and we love playing games together on our phones to make the time go by.

As well as this, I’m a bit embarrassed that I don’t always learn a lot about a country I’m visiting before I actually go there- I’ve tended to just ‘wait and see’. However, it’s been more of a priority for me recently to educate myself about the destinations I’m visiting, so that I’m more aware of the history and traditions of a place before I cross the border.

A Great Way to Pass the Time While Travelling

Recently, I’ve been playing on the QuizMaster app, and it’s been a bit of a lifesaver! Not only has it allowed me to pass the time while travelling much quicker, but I’ve been learning lots too.

QuizMaster is an app that has a whole host of quizzes on a number of subjects- from countries and cities, to cars and history. It’s more than just a generic quiz app because it records your high scores and gives you a time limit to answer questions too, so you’re racing against the clock every time you play!

Seb and I have had fun trying to beat each other’s scores, and while we’re both pretty bad at answering quickly, we’ve had a lot of fun passing the time while we’ve been travelling together. It’s so addictive, I was playing it as we were boarding the plane to Singapore!

Pass the Time While Travelling: Getting on the Plane
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I really like QuizMaster for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s simple to use, which is really important for me. I find a lot of apps make their layout unnecessarily complicated and it makes me less inclined to use them. You can also play QuizMaster without a phone signal or internet connection, which is invaluable when we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere or on public transport.

Questions at the Right Level

A problem I’ve noticed with a lot of quizzes is that the questions are either far too easy, or much too difficult. QuizMaster opts for a multiple choice system, and I think the questions are at a great level to test me without confusing me. There’s a good mix of easier questions and more challenging questions, which I think is important to allow all ages and levels of player to enjoy.

Pass the Time While Travelling: QuizMaster Questions
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QuizMaster is quite a new app, so the range of topics and questions aren’t as varied as they will be in the future, but a little birdy tells me there are lots more updates and additional questions to come! There are still over 1000 questions though, so you won’t find yourself running out of games any time soon.

You can also share your scores on social media if you want to, which is a great option if you want to challenge your friends to beat your scores, or just show off about how well you’ve done. Do you think you can beat my score on the Japan quiz?

Pass the Time While Travelling: Beat My Score
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No Sign Up or Log In Required

QuizMaster is free to download and play from the App store, so if you want to learn something, pass the time while travelling or just have a bit of fun, you should definitely give it a try! We’d love to hear what your high scores were- let us know down below or tag us on social media!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Molinari Apps. As always, all opinions are our own- we would never recommend something that we didn’t love ourselves!

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