How to Travel Singapore on a Budget

We should probably get something straight before we get started: it’s really hard to travel in Singapore on a budget! I’ve been to this amazing place no less than 3 times now, and despite extra care and planning we’ve gone over budget every single time. Don’t get me...

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How We Pass the Time While Travelling ft. QuizMaster

Funnily enough, the thing we hate most about travelling is, well, travelling! The long waits at airports or bus stations, combined with bumpy overnight journeys where sleep alludes us, are not our favourite thing. We’re sure we’re not alone in this- does anyone else...

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We Have a Secret to Share With You…

'Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas China anymore' Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz That’s right! We’ve been keeping a big secret for a while now, and we can finally tell you: we’re not living in China any more. Over the last couple of days we’ve been making the...

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Blowing the Budget in Koh Chang

We're never normally ones for blowing the budget. In fact, we usually keep a strict record of everything we spend and document it on the blog for you! But the moral of today’s post? Sometimes it’s totally okay to blow the budget! Turning Up Unprepared We’d never...

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Things We Won’t Miss About Living in China

As our time spent living in China comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting on our time here, and all the things we’ve encountered. What a difference a few months make to our thoughts about this Country. Whilst the majority of our experiences have been positive, and...

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