If you know a bit about us, you’ll probably know we spent a couple of years breeding British Shorthair cats. This meant that at one point in time we had 10 furry friends living with us at once. This didn’t last long though as we found homes for all the lovely kittens we had bred, and a queen or two.

This meant that when we decided to set off on our round the world adventure, our house was home to four of our beautiful cats. It was heartbreaking to have to say goodbye, but now they’re all settled with lovely people that we know and trust.

Our cats helped inspire us to create this site, so we think it’s only fair that they get a bit of credit and spotlight on this page!

Meet the cats Frankie

Name: Frankie

Date of birth: 12th May 2012

Favourite food: Royal Canin Sensible 33

Favourite toy: Dangly cat toys

Fun fact: Our very first cat, we visited Frankie at least once a week between the day we chose him and the day we picked him up. We once even made a 400 mile round trip to see him for an hour. Frankie has never used his claws apart from when using the cat scratcher.

Name: Lollie

Date of birth: Late August 2012

Favourite food: Chicken!

Favourite toy: This rolling-ball-circuit toy

Fun fact: Lollie is notorious for taking food that she shouldn’t. Just before leaving for her new home she stole two posh roast chicken breasts out of the microwave and feasted upon them when no-one was looking! She is also partial to a pea or carrot off a plate as well. But Lollie’s first love? Socks. She takes every spare sock she sees and walks around the house with them in her mouth, meowing for attention.

Meet the cats Lollie
Meet the cats Chloe

Name: Chloe

Date of birth: 12th May 2014

Favourite food: Ice cream (another naughty kitty!)

Favourite toy: A super cosy crocheted cat bed

Fun fact: Chloe is Lollie’s daughter, so she had a special place in our heart as our first home-bred girl. She acts a bit like a sausage a lot of the time, rolling around on her back and tucking her legs away. Chloe also took part in several cat shows – she won Best of Breed in her class at the Supreme show in 2014.

Name: Poppy

Date of birth: Mid June 2013

Favourite food: Royal Canin wet cat food pouches

Favourite toy: The top of her cat climber

Fun fact: Poppy is a sweetheart- but certainly has her favourite people she likes to cuddle with! She can now usually be found roaming in the garden of her new home and generally acting a bit superior with her love of heights.

Meet the cats Poppy

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