Ni Hao! Hola! Willkommen!

As you’ve probably guessed by the fact that I have my own page, I’m the other half of Cats and Backpacks. And no, not the furry half!

A little about me: I’m Seb, I grew up in Gloucestershire and moved to the University of Lincoln (good bye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln) to study Psychology in 2010. By the time I left for University Hattie and I had been together for a while and so it was difficult moving 200 miles away, but we made it work.

The degree ended up being just another piece of paper and I haven’t used it since. Having worked in retail for a number of years from the age of 16, I started working my way up the ranks and at the time of deciding to quit and leave everything to come travelling I was working as a night shift manager. I’ll be happy if I never have to work night shifts again!

As I’m sure you can tell from the blog we’re both big animal lovers- especially cats. If you’ve already seen Hattie’s bio or have read around the site a bit, you’ll know we had our furry friends until we moved away in August. It was difficult to re-home them but they are with amazing people now and at the end of the day as much as we loved them they weren’t a big enough reason for us to stay.

I like to think I started this whole travelling thing. Having been away a lot with family when I was younger I’ve always enjoyed being in other Countries. When the time came to propose to Hattie (the most wonderful person ever in the history of the planet I love her I love her so whoops she got hold of the keyboard) I decided it had to be something special- Benidorm just wouldn’t cut it!

Kenya seemed the most exotic and romantic choice I could think of, and I don’t mean to blow my own horn but it was pretty spectacular.

That trip changed our lives in a lot of ways (she said yes!) and it got us hooked on travelling to new and exciting places. We took our next far-flung trip to Sri Lanka the following year, had our honeymoon the year after that and 2016 has been full of adventures. Now we’re living in China and are hoping to create a location-independent lifestyle. I know we’ll succeed with Hattie as the dreamer and me as the realist.

I’m a big fan of martial arts, having trained in various styles for years and one thing I’m really looking forward to is training and possibly competing as we travel around the world. It’s on my bucket list to have a Muay Thai fight in Thailand!

My other big passion is tattoos. My grand plan is to have a tattoo done on my right leg in every country we visit. Each will have a story behind it (a memory or something that’s happened that I’d like to remember) so I can have a visual representation of all the incredible things we’ve done. To kick this off I had a world map completed on my thigh before we came out but I won’t spend too much time on this now as I have a blog series about my tattoos – make sure you check it out!

I think that’s enough in-fur-mation about me for now- if you want to know more you can contact us through the site or message us through our Facebook page or on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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