Farrah Gray once said ‘build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs’. As someone that’s in love with travel and takes great pleasure in travel planning, I like to think that I can do both. Organising a trip (from the logistics of an itinerary to the accommodation, activities, transport, and budget planning) is half the fun for me. Anyone who’s ever discussed travel and trip planning with me will know how passionate I am about it! I know not everyone enjoys this process in the same way I do, and that’s where I can help.

I’m a firm believer that you can save money on a trip if you organise things separately, rather than booking as a package. But it takes time and effort to find the deals that are lurking.

That’s where I come in!

As your travel consultant, I can support you to create the itinerary of your dreams, with everything thought of for you. Whether it’s a two week tour of Thailand or a six month trip around South East Asia, a wild weekend in Las Vegas or a voyage across the Americas, I can help you make your dreams a reality whilst still saving you money. I’m currently offering very low rates, please get in contact now to take advantage of this.


How can I help you?

My services come in several different formats so that you can choose the package that’s right for you.

  • Skype/ email consultations
    • We can arrange a 1-on-1 Skype/ email consultation in which we discuss your ideas and plans. Whether you’re at the beginning of your trip preparation and have no idea where to start, or you’re ready to book and would like real-time support to do so, consultations can be a great way to give you the support you need to make your trip a reality.
    • We can offer sound advice about the following aspects of travel planning, however let us know if there’s something else you’d like a consultation for:
      • Finding cheap flights
      • Finding suitable accommodation
      • How to travel with hand luggage only
      • Creating realistic itineraries
      • Choosing a destination
      • How much money to budget for your trip
      • How to save money for travel
      • Ways to travel cheaply/ for free
      • Finding teaching jobs abroad
      • Specific Country travel advice
    • For a limited time only, we’re charging just £10 per hour for Skype and email consultations.


  • Bespoke travel guides
    • If you’d like something more concrete than a consultation offers, I can create bespoke travel guide documents for your trip. These can contain a variety of information depending on your needs- from itineraries and schedules to budgeting guides, travel tips and useful foreign vocabulary for those not travelling in English speaking Countries.
    • We will discuss your requirements before I create your document, and quotes are provided based on an £8 per hour fee.


  • Ongoing support
    • If you’re heading off on a trip and are worried about obstacles you may face when you’re away, I can be there to help you.
    • For a set fee of just £50 per month, I will provide ongoing email/ Skype support to you as required whilst you’re on the road. Do you have a question, or are struggling with something? You can let me know and I’ll help you in whatever way I can- whether that’s problem solving, speaking to vendors or just providing a listening ear. I guarantee all emails will be answered within 24 hours, and Skype calls will be set up ASAP.


Are you interested in any of these services? Please get in touch through our Contact Us page or send a message through Facebook or Twitter for more information about how I can help you.

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