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Hi- we’re Hattie and Seb, two cat fanatics who want to be in every place at once. We believe travel is accessible for everyone, and we’re showing animal lovers everywhere that you can still get a furry fix whilst doing it!

Whether you want to travel full time or simply more often, Cats and Backpacks tells you how it’s paw-ssible to make adventure a priority in your life. We are living our dream lifestyle: proof that anyone can travel far, travel cheaply and travel often if they purr-t their mind to it.


There are three things that we think we’re pretty qualified to talk about: animals, budgeting and teaching abroad.

“A strange mix” we hear you cry! “You’ve got to be kitten me!”             Sorry

… Perhaps, but our goal is to make Cats and Backpacks the go-to resource for all things ‘animal travel’, ‘budget travel’ and ‘sustainable travel’, because we think they go purrfectly together. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to meet all the amazing creatures the world has to offer.

We’ve been travelling together since 2010 and spent four years living and breathing everything ‘cat’. We even bred British Shorthairs for a short time. You can find out about the kitties that inspired this site herewarning: contains many cute cat photos.

In 2013, a safari in Kenya changed our lives in lots of ways, and we realised that travel needed to be a bigger part of our future than a couple of short trips away each year.

We’re discovering all sorts of ways that you can travel long term and save money- we’re currently teaching English in China and are saving thousands of £s each month doing it. We track every penny we spend and we love to tell you about it.

Despite saying goodbye to a permanent home in August 2016, we still need our kitty fix, and we’re making it our mission to fill our lives with animal love and tell you how you can do it to.

Stick around as we fill our site with all the help and support you’ll ever need to make your travel dreams a reality.

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about Hattie


Likes: Writing, cups of tea and taking on more than I can handle.

Dislikes: Being bored, suitcases and pheasants.

about seb


Likes: Tattoos, martial arts and all the food.

Dislikes: The cheese in China, early mornings and animal cruelty.

We like to describe our travel style as being like a cat- we love warmth, food and comfort. We’re also partial to a nap or two! But as fellow wanderers may also experience, we often can’t get comfortable and head off in search of the next great place to sleep. We get a bit excitable when we’re given a new toy in a new place, and we’re prone to upping and leaving in the middle of the night, in search of our next adventure.

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